• Call aimed at senior guitar students and professional guitarists of any nationality, no age limit.
  • The competition will consist of three phases: Online Preselection, Elimination and Final.
  • Registration: € 45
  • Online pre-selection phase: free-choice repertoire that does not exceed 10 minutes in length (music). The jury will select 15 contestants who will advance to the semifinals. Applications will be received until November 14, 2021 at 23.59 GMT.
  • Elimination phase: This phase will take place on Thursday 9 December in the auditorium of the La LLacuna Cultural Center in Andorra la Vella, from 10.00. A repertoire of maximum 10 min free is interpreted including one study for guitar  of Heitor Villalobos (any).
  • Final phase: Contestants will perform a free repertoire with a maximum time of 20 minutes of participation. If 2 or more works are performed, they must correspond to different musical periods.
  • In the final phase, the works already performed in the eliminatory phase will not be performed.
  • Only 5 participants will be able to access the Final Phase.
  • This phase will take place on Friday 10 December in the Sala d’actes of La Llacuna Cultural Center, from 10:00.
  • Contestants will be required to respect the maximum duration established for each of the tests.
  • The participant must interpret the program from memory.
  • Schedules may change depending on the number of contestants.
  • The Jury reserves the right to interrupt the participant only in the event that it exceeds the time allowed.
  • The result of will be announced on December 10 at 20:00 in the Auditorium of the Cultural Center La Llacuna.
  • The contestants will deliver the day before each test three copies of the works to be performed in each phase of the contest.
  • The jury will be made up of personalities from the world of guitar and their verdict will be final.
  • The Jury will evaluate the contestants in musicality, technique, presentation and program.
  • Prizes may increase. The specification will be informed at the end of the registration period.
  • Schedules may change depending on the number of contestants. • The Jury reserves the right to interrupt the participant only in the event that it exceeds the time allowed.
  • Participating implies full acceptance of these regulations and the results of the competition.
  • Participation in the competition implies the transfer to the Andorra International Guitar Festival of the reproduction and distribution rights, photographic and recording material, provided for in the legislation on Intellectual Property through the means considered, all this non-profit. The final phase can be broadcast live on social media.
  • Anything not specified in the Rules is not the responsibility of the Organizing Committee.
  • The application for registration implies knowing and accepting these Rules.
  • It is essential that the winners are present in person at the awards ceremony, in the event that any of the winners are not present at this event, this prize will automatically be declared void.


Those interested in participating must fill out the registration form  directly on the website www.andorraguitarfest.com/enroll.

The payment details are going to be sent via email after the enrollment application is sent.

Once registered, they will receive a confirmation email.

* Data protection: personal data collected in accordance with current legislation, specifically in accordance with European Regulation 2016/679.


At the beginning of the video it must be indicated that the recording was made to participate in the I International Guitar Festival of Andorra la Vella, along with the name of the performer, the date and the repertoire. Platforms such as WeTransfer, Google Drive or similar can be used to send the file to andorraguitarfest@gmail.com. The video should not be shared on social media until the pre-selection result is published.

  • Format: mp4, 720p HD (1280 × 720) preferably
  • The contestant must be clearly seen
  • The video cannot be edited and there should be no cuts between pieces
  • The video must be recorded for this contest, and the use of older videos is not permitted.
  • The jury will issue the pre-selection verdict on November 19.


First Prize

  • Cash prize of € 1,000
  • Professional guitar valued at € 1,000

Second Prize

  • Cash prize of € 500
  • Professional guitar valued at € 500
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